AutoActor (coming soon)

Automated realtime lip-sync and facial performance system:

  • NO manual phoneme editing
  • NO preprocessed metadata
  • Animates face as well as lips
  • Customisable per actor
  • Mapping system to hook AutoActor output up to various facial rigs
  • The EASIEST solution to making your avatars perform

  • AutoActor Contact Doors Inspector

    Contact Doors

    A drag-and-drop script to make doors open on contact, inspired by The Witcher 3. Designed to work out of the box with zero setup, but still allow customisation:

  • Opens on contact
  • Closes as player moves away
  • Opens for AI or physics objects
  • Supports hinged or sliding doors
  • Customisable speed and AnimCurve
  • Linkable double doors
  • Triggers SFX on open, close, slam
  • Robust and well-commented C# code
  • Un/Lockable from script
  • Demo scene with usage examples and SFX

  • Contact Doors Contact Doors Inspector