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Original Projects

Annwn - The Otherworld

Annwn is an abstract stealth strategy game of tension and relief, across a series of mysterious procedural islands.

Out now on Steam and

Talesinger - Voice of the Dragon

Play as apprentice bard Gwen, tasked with uniting the quarrelling Celtic tribes against the invading Romans. Use your songs and stories to inspire, persuade, or shame chieftains into action.

In development

Unannounced title

We are working on an unannounced open world tend-and-befriend game based on a popular IP.

In development - looking for funding

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The Team

Chris Payne

Managing Director

Programmer Extraordinaire

Archmage Assistant on the side


Andrea D'Acunzo

Lead Game Designer

Producer in Pectore

Master of parties


Trinity Lane

Senior Programmer

Optimisation Wizard

Captain of an actual sailboat


Tegid Roberts

Non-Executive Director

Professional Amateur

Guitar botherer